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Perfectly Imperfect Parenting is for the parent who is needing encouragement and some tools to help bring the joy back into parenting.  It is birthed from the idea that God can use every bit of what we bring into parenthood for good, even the imperfect parts of us.  It all starts with RELATIONSHIP.


We all come into parenthood with past experiences and future expectations that mold and shape how we approach our parenting today.  There are parts of our upbringing that we want to shelter our children from and hopes and dreams we have for our kids that we have been dreaming of before they were even born.  Then, the hard days of parenting hit us and we feel we do not have all the tools we need to parent well.  We feel deflated and discouraged and want to give up.  


The truth is that God can use every bit of what we bring into parenthood for good.  All of the areas where you feel weak as a parent can be huge opportunities to allow God to be strong.  In fact, you will have a more powerful impact in the life of your child by allowing God to transform an imperfect part of your life into wholeness rather that being perfect for your child every day.  For example, if you have an issue with anger, intentionally work on this area through prayer and if needed, counseling, and show that we, as humans, are transformable; we are Perfectly Imperfect.




Melanie has a true passion for the development of children and how we, as parents, can raise responsible, considerate, loving children we (and others) enjoy being around. She has over 30 years of experience in working directly with children, as a classroom teacher in the Montessori and Public schools, in church as a teacher to elementary aged kids, and in the most important setting of her own home as she raises her four children, ages 11-21.


She also speaks to churches and groups, helping parents build strong relationships with their children, while establishing healthy boundaries, communication, and connection. She believes that the relationship between the Parent and Child is one of the single most important relationships we have in our lifetime and her goal is to strengthen that relationship using tools and strategies she has picked up along the journey of her own parenthood.  


Melanie has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Baylor University.   She lives in Frisco, TX with her husband of 25 years, Jeff,  and children: McKay (21), Brock (19), Micah (15), and Bliss (11).