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It's my goal and greatest call to provide parents with practical and beneficial resources to succeed in this journey of parenting. Check back here for new resources and ideas to help guide and fill your arsenal of parenting resources. As well, follow my socials for new weekly video resources.

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Christmas Advent Ideas

My heart is to not make people feel guilty for once again, not meeting the mark of perfection we Christ followers put on ourselves.   We might do three, we might do 23, it doesn’t matter. What matters is we did it and that means that even if we only got together to focus our hearts and minds on Jesus three nights out of the whole Christmas season, I am calling it a huge WIN! 


This is one of the the devo’s we do as a family around the holidays. I’ve attached 

a link so you can easily check it our and order it on amazon if you’d like link. 👉



As well, here is a link to my friends, @aubreymcgowan and @jenniferboynmcjowan’s — they do something special called:

Create Your Own Kindness Advent. 

This is great way to take action and do 

easy small acts of kindness around the community as part of the advent season.   


Check back here for more Great Advent ideas I am going to post soon!

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