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Hear some of the great things clients and friends are saying about Melanie Domen, and how her coaching, classes, webinars, and teachings are changing the game for parents!

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About "That Parenting Class"

“So many actionable items to implement. Not just theory, but real things to do and say with the kids to see immediate results” - "That Parenting Class" Attendee 

“Things have already been so much better since our meeting. I’m really focusing on less talking and just being a calm presence. I’m not playing any music in the car and intentionally reducing sound/light stimuli. She is having WAY less meltdowns! The one liner has taken so much pressure off of me. You are divinely gifted. I’m so so grateful!!” - "That Parenting Class" Attendee 

Jen Green
"That Parenting Class" Attendee 

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